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HenMusik & Uriyah get back to the music (10 years, 10 classics)

First I want to send condolences to Nipsey Hussle's friends and family for this tragic loss in hip hop. He is definitely an inspiration to a young black entrepreneur hustling clothes as an avenue to finance his own music career. He was definitely one of the realest representing for the next generation of hip hop legends.

I had a conversation with my father this morning and he was expressing how important it is for me and my team to continue to level up with the Grind Pray brand. The game needs something fresh, and something that will reinforce positivity in EVERY community. So this was the perfect time to link up with my brother Uriyah to take this Grind Pray brand to the next level and let newcomers know that we've been here, and to remind our day 1 supporters that we're still here!

"HenMusik and I 1st met back in April 2009 and we've been making music together ever since. 10 years later we decided to re release 10 songs to reflect the decade of our work, so we put on a private show in the basement of Wabi Sabi in Petersburg, Va. We'll be dropping a video for each song over the next 10 days, starting with our song "Long Time". We've grown so much in the process and we will continue to push the positivity, no matter what. RIP Nipsey Hussle, this project is dedicated to you and what you stood for, encouraging our youth to get out here and get it the right way. All praises up." -Uriyah

Yea, its been a long time, but we bout to make it out here!! Follow me @henmusik @uri2theyah and @grindprayshop


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