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HenMusik exposes the formula to "THAT HUSTLE".

Its time to show the people what "That Hustle" is all about! No more games will be played with these people that add nothing to the pot. Its time to get rid of any dead weight that you don't need in your surroundings. Focus, and stay disciplined. Respect the HUSTLE! If you were called out to be a true leader and discipline is too difficult for you, trust and believe that the universe will find a way to get your attention one way or another. The route is your choice.

Follow closely as the world is graced with the new album release from HenMusik. Word on the street is that the project has features from UriYah, Mike Mo and filled with a majority of HenMusik produced beats. The project includes a dope narrative filled with a slick set of gems giving throughout the body of work.

The project also features production with Tony Myagi and the Legendary Rahiem of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. Integrated with hard hitting flows, financial literacy, and testimonials of the hustle from the streets to the boardroom, this project is the soundtrack for the real HUSTLERS!

Stay tuned and keep it locked as the teasers are revealed leading up to the release of the project. Thats only if you're trying to find out what "THAT HUSTLE" is all about. To help support the campaign for the project, just hit up and purchase some gear! Let's get the follows up on IG @HENMUSIK @FAITHCLOTHINGBRAND

As a promise to the mother of HenMusik the day before she passed away......"MONEY ON THE WAY" is still being pushed until the whole world is screaming the chorus at the top of their lungs for the voices to be heard in the heavens. You can purchase the single at this link and you will be automatically added to the exclusive email list. Much love and appreciation to all the supporters! We're going to get there together!


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