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One year reflection of my mother passing away.

On this day 1 year ago, the world as I knew it would change forever. I remember my next door neighbor offering me some Hennessy in the middle of a regular weekday. I’ve cut back on alcohol and can pretty much say I don’t drink anymore, but this particular day I accepted. So as I’m sipping and talking to my neighbor, I get a call from my sister crying “Mom is not breathing”. I knew that very moment that it was over, but I stayed focused for my children, loaded them in the car and we went to football practice. As I’m coaching and running through drills, in the back of my mind, I’m wondering what was going on with my mother. So I step to the sideline during a water break and called my sister. Her exact words was, “She didn’t make it”. That was the end of an era for me.

My best friend will no longer be here in the physical to listen to me. No more advice. No more calling her to calm me down when I’m angry. No more Florida vacations. Going back to visit Connecticut will never be the same. But do I tell my kids? That was the most difficult challenge. It was a nightmare that I was afraid to face. The thought of losing my mother was a fear of mine. My mother was only 17 years older than me. I was hoping that we could grow old together. I was hoping she could see her grandkids and great grandkids grow old together. However, she had to go do some Universal reconstructing for the sake of mankind. Her intellect and prophetic wisdom was no good here on Earth. Her presence was too strong for some people to handle.

My mother never judged people, but she never bit her tongue. She was very honest and straight forward and she NEVER feared death. Her presence was so strong, her relationship with the MOST HIGH was so genuine, to the point that some people felt convicted about themselves just by being around her. But those that truly knew her understood her power. That’s why I shake my head at these fake ass gangsters. My mother was in a situation where she could’ve took a Plea bargain but she was honorable to take her own accountability to an evil woman that basically tried to throw her under the bus. My mother did time in the Feds and eventually had to go to jail a second time after a violation of parole, which was a vicious attack by an anonymous caller to my mothers P.O. I have an idea of who it a matter of fact I know who it was.

What’s crazy is that I believe that’s what started my mothers decline in her health. When she went back to jail, she was on dialysis and wasn’t properly cared for. So Tidewater regional jail sent her to Texas where they were supposed to take better care for her treatment but she loses 80lbs, can’t walk and throws up everything she ate. As she was thinking she was on her last breaths, we had no clue what was going on due to no communication from the jail. It was terrifying. It was so difficult to see a spiritual woman that’s a Grandma going through all of this at damn near 50 years old. However, she made it out alive, but it just wasn’t the same.

When my book is finished, you’ll understand more about the dark forces that tried to take my mother out. I pray for all those people to see the success of her legacy. I pray for forgiveness in my heart. Don’t worry, y’all will remain anonymous. Maria Henderson, a true prophetess that will go down in history.

November 10, 1968 - October 11, 2019

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