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The #1 Chart Topping Anthem For Blocking A Crazy Person on Social Media

In todays digital world, there has been a disconnection with real life, especially dealing with communication. Relationships are beginning to suffer because of the standards established social media ethics. Arguments might stem from a photo being liked, or someone feeling like they cause shame because there are not enough photos of them shared by their partner.

Outside of social media, there are cases of people misinterpreting messages sent via text that can be communicated face to face. There are also the cases of false narratives being established by a digital perception. Instead of judging people from their experience in reality, they'll rather perceive what they see on a digital device. This is what inspired, "Blocking You" written and produced by Virginia Beach native, HenMusik.

What are your thoughts of the message portrayed in the song and controversial artwork on the cover? Is it common stereotypical bashing or is it artistic expression? Can relationships genuinely work out with blocking and privacy settings against each other? Listen to the song, then share your perspective.

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