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There's something in the water, and his name is HenMusik from Virginia Beach. Rappers are in danger.

This music thing is deep for me. It’s therapy and a gift. It can also be a curse. It’s apart of “That Hustle”. But the power to move a crowd and to have them respond to you is beyond amazing. Especially when you have something REAL to talk about instead of a bunch of foolishness.

Man, I miss Shakas in Virginia Beach. This was the historical night where I had an opportunity to open up for one of my childhood idols, legendary Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang clan. His fans were so receptive and supportive. They showed so much love and it was one of those moments that showed me where I belong.

Amongst the heavy hitters! This was also the night I was able to meet GFK face to face, laughing at the fact that we resemble each other so much. DJ WYZE held it down on the turntables alongside DJ Delinger from VA Beach. The whole night was bananas!

Shoutouts to Shakas for everything they contributed to the 757 and Virginia Beach music scene. I was able to build my name and brand using that venue, and gracing that stage on many occasions. It definitely played a huge part of "THAT HUSTLE" since the very first time gracing the stage at the local artist showcase hosted by Shaggy from Z104 FM. From that point on, the hustle never stopped. The reason I share this particular video is to show you all the energy. This is the energy we need again. Who is down for the ride?

This project is going to be huge for us all. Stay tuned and keep hustling! HenMusik will be hitting the stage at a city near you!


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