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Virginia Beach based rapper prepares to show the world what HUSTLE is all about.

The time is approaching and the scene shall sit still. HenMusik gets set to release his EP entitled "That Hustle." Its been over 3 years since Hen took a step back to focus on the building of his clothing brand, "Faith: For All Individuals That Hustle."

When Hen was asked, "What is the inspiration behind your new project?" Hen replied, "This is the pedigree I come from. Faith clothing brand is an extension of me, something like a calling. But the music is my passion, and seeing how rappers like Nipsey Hussle provide a blueprint on hustling clothes and music together was enough inspiration to motivate me."

Hen also plans to take the streets of Virginia by storm and spread his energy to help build a pipeline for the 757 to earn the respect in the DMV region. This season, HenMusik plans to show the world that there is more to just having FAITH. It requires HUSTLE. This summer, you get to find out what, "That Hustle" is all about.

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